During the closing day of the Sport Film Festival Rotterdam the sport film Award was awarded for the 2nd time, a prize for the best sport film of Rotterdam. Tiffany’s Dream will travel to the prestigious Sport Film Festival in Milan!

From the jury report:
“A good document stands or falls with an interesting main character. Tiffany de Jong from Rotterdam (Delfshaven) intrigues from the first to the last minute. The talented Amazon symbolizes Rotterdam, the city of the getters. The film exposes filmy that not only talent is decisive for sporting success as well as commitment, character, social skills, environmental factors and family situation are part of the complete package “. This year, Hans Groenen Dijk (director), Marhinde Verkerk (judoka), Marianne van den Anker (OPEN Rotterdam), RenĂ© van Zundert (winner of 2017) and Shariff Nasr (film director) formed the jury.

A link to the trailer: https://vimeo.com/264945816